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Bungee Jumping

By Adrenaline

Are you interested in the fascinating world of extreme sports? Even if you are not, it is unlikely that you have not heard about bungee jumping. This exciting activity has been in practice for over half a decade and nowadays, bungee enthusiasts have a myriad of locations to enjoy this sport. You can dive from bridges, cliffs and buildings, as virtually any tall structure will do. If you want to make things more interesting, you can even dive from mobile objects, including air balloons, helicopters, so on and so forth. Well, instead of the parachute utilized in skydiving, bungee jumpers are tied to the upper end of the jumping structure via an elastic cord.

How bungee jumping works

When you jump from the high point of your choice, the elastic cord that is attached to your legs will stretch, giving you the sensation of free falling up to the point when you reach its maximum stretching capabilities. Since the cord is elastic, at that point you will bounce back towards the upper section of the objective; thanks to the recoil. You will continuously oscillate between an upwards and downwards motion until you have completely exhausted the energy generated by the original dive when you stretched the cord, causing it to react to your weight. On a side note, the length as well as the tension of the cord are adjusted in accordance to the weight of the jumper and the height of the objective.

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