Do You Plan on Buying a Mountain Bike? – Things to Consider

By Adrenaline

When you are out there looking for a mountain bike to buy for you, you must take into account several aspects, but prior to knowing which those aspects are, let me tell you that the most important thing for you is to establish what you plan on using the bike for. There are different types of bikers out there, so you need to decide which one is your type:

  • Are you the mountain biking type? In this case you will have to confront with abrupt tracks, rocky and rugged mountain terrains.
  • Are you more of a biker who likes unpaved trails and roads for their biking experience? In this case you will be less exposed to dangerous tracks but there is however a level of risks on these types of tracks.
  • Are you more of a city biker? Then you will have to ride more on bike paths and paved roads.

As you can see there are three types of bikers and for each of them a different type of biking challenge. Once you have decided which type of biking you prefer, then you have to go out there and choose the bike in accordance to the various aspects that compose this bike and they are as follows:

  • Mountain bike tires – for the first type of biker who uses rugged terrains, you will have to look for tires that are a little bulky and wider with plenty of traction. Keep in mind that your wheels need to have a good support while riding those rugged and rocky tracks. For the city bikers, you can stick to narrower tires and much smoother while having as well traction. You may not need as much traction as you need the speed on a pavement that requires as such a smoother type of tire.
  • Mountain bike forks – come in various types, but the essential thing is the shocks these forks are ‘equipped’ with. With shocks installed in the fork you will have a more comfortable experience in riding as compared to the ones that lack shocks. This is the best for the first type of biker who rides the rugged paths. As to the city biker, the forks without shocks can imprint more speed to the bike again an aspect that city bikers may be willing to look for.
  • Saddle – are usually designed in a basic form very light weighted with less padding. This is mostly found with mountain bikes that are for rough terrains, while for the bikers riding through town you will be more inclined to go for padded saddles since the bike is mostly for leisure.

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