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By Adrenaline

Skimboarding presents numerous similarities to surfing, but is regarded as a unique extreme sport in the community. The principal dissociation comes from the size of the board utilized in this activity, which is substantially smaller and does not include the fins. At the same time, the skimboard design incorporates a nose lifts that are referred to as rockers. Rockers come in three main variations, but more on that later. Needless to say, these characteristics confer the board entirely new dynamics, making skimboarding a combination between surfing and skateboarding. Let’s find out more about the beginnings of the sport and its evolution over time.

A brief history of skimboarding

As mentioned previously, skimboarding was adapted from surfing and the ones who made this extreme water sport immensely popular were in fact the lifeguards in Southern California. It may come as a surprise that the exact people who are in charge of beach safety practiced a sport that is not without risk. However, keep in mind that initially skimboarding was simply a convenient means of crossing the beach.

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