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Hang Gliding

By Adrenaline

Hang gliding is regarded as one of the most exciting adventures in which you get to pilot a non-motorized aircraft that can be launched into the air using only your feet. The hang glider, which is also referred to as a delta plane, consists of the frame commonly made from aluminum and composite materials, onto which the fabric that provides air gliding capabilities is attached.

How hang gliding works

When hang gliding, you will be suspended from the aforementioned frame and you will be able to exercise control over the altitude or direction by translating the weight of your body against the steering frame. It is also important to note that some of the newest hang gliders will include control solutions similar to a motorized aircraft, but most enthusiasts consider that they take some of the fun out of hang gliding. Initially, when the delta planes were not yet optimized, you would not be allowed to glide in steep hilly zones, due to the control limitations. The good news is that these aircrafts have come a long way since then and nowadays few restrictions regarding the layout of the area will apply.

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