Extreme Mountain Biking Explained

By Adrenaline

It is true that mountain biking comes as an extreme sport in itself so how come that ‘extreme mountain biking’ is not seen as a redundant phrase? Well, for starters, you must know that mountain biking comes in various forms, but out of these forms, the extreme performance is by far the most challenging and toughest.

This one requires of its participants to be properly trained into maintaining the skills they have acquired in the past adding new other skills that make them properly prepared to confront with any of the extreme mountain biking categories. Yes, it is not enough that it is called ‘extreme’ but it also comes with different categories, such as free riding, downhill, cross country, dirt jumping, and street riding.

Also the title of ‘extreme’ attached to this type of biking comes from the risks that the courses included in the competitions present to the participants. This is why it is required for them to get properly trained while honing the already acquired skills into managing to confront with obstacles that organizers set for them. It is important to understand that only those bikers who possess advanced techniques will be able to compete in these extreme mountain biking competitions.

Another feature that makes this sport to be defined as ‘extreme’ when compared to the basic type of mountain biking is the types of terrains this sport is displayed on. They are mainly in the forms of rocky paths, steep ground, rough terrain and all sorts of challenging tracks along with narrow tracks that lead into streambeds, forests, and fields.

As mentioned above, training plays an important part in having a good performance as a mountain biker. For this reason you might have to pay attention to the techniques involved in extreme biking. You can find various online videos where professionals into extreme mountain biking have brilliant performances in executing the maneuvers required by this sport.

You will find as well many websites offering these videos for free but if you want to benefit from a more accurate performance you can purchase DVDs presenting stunts performed by professionals. Once you have taken a god look at all sorts of maneuvers you may as well go out there and start practicing them. A good start will be with performances done in the skateboarding parks that have all kinds of challenging tracks for you to try your skills on.

So it is not enough to watch videos and performances of others if you want to become a skilled extreme mountain biker, but go out there and practice all those techniques to become more experienced in this sport. At the same time you can join any of the local clubs where bikers meet and share their experience on this sport.

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